Deep Six RH Value Publishing

ISBN-13 9780517499825

March 7, 1987
Deadfall (An Alexandra Cooper Novel) Linda Fairstein

ISBN-13 9781524778385

Jul 25, 2017
Deadman Wonderland Jinsei Kataoka

ISBN-13 9781421564203 Thanks to Ganta returning to the battle, Senji narrowly escapes death battling Toto Sakigami. Still, Totos power is so overwhelming they remain at a disadvantage. Using a clever strategy, Ganta is able to land a timely strike against Toto, and Senji quickly follows up by slicing him along with the building. Toto is assumed to be crushed to death by the collapsed structure, but is he?

Decades of Fear What evil lurks Mr Andrew R Weiner

ISBN-13 9781499118414

May 10, 2014
Dorian Hunter 26. Das zweite Gesicht Ernst Vlcek

ISBN-13 9783954260263

Mar 07, 2014
Digital Communication Techniques Signal Design and Detection Marvin Kenneth Simon

ISBN-13 9780132006101

September 19, 1994
Dr. Carols guide to womens health Carol Peters-Tanksley

ISBN-13 9781629986807

Dressed to Keel A Darcy Cavanaugh Mystery Candy Calvert

ISBN-13 9780738708799

April 1, 2006
Dolls for the Princesses The Story of France and Marianne Faith Eaton

ISBN-13 9780500976173

November 2002
Dilemmas of Transition in Post-Soviet Countries Joel C. Moses

ISBN-13 9780830415908

January 20, 2003
Dilemmas of Decline Ian Hall

ISBN-13 9780520289499

Aug 01, 2012
Diwali Joanna Ponto

ISBN-13 9780766076464

Aug 01, 2016
Divine Pymander of Hermes Trismegistus Shrine of Wisdom

ISBN-13 9780766131620

January 2003
Dictionary of Geography, The Penguin 2nd Edition (Penguin Reference Books) Audrey N. Clark

ISBN-13 9780140513882

March 1, 1999
Digger and Daisy go to the city Judy Young

ISBN-13 9781585368471 When Daisy the dog and her brother Digger go to the big city, Daisy shops and insists Digger stay beside her or he will get lost, but she will not go into the store that interests him the most.

Das fünfunddreißigste Jahr Peter Truschner

ISBN-13 9783552054813

Feb 25, 2013
Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Health (Cambridge Social Biology Topics) Alan Cornwell

ISBN-13 9780521437103

February 1, 1993
DBASE IV A Comprehensive Users Manual for Nonprogrammers/Order No. 3224 Kerman D. Bharucha

ISBN-13 9780830613243

October 1989
Driving Dana Meachen Rau

ISBN-13 9780761423164 Easy to read text with rebuses explores various vehicles--Provided by publisher.

Destination Mars (Destination (HarperCollins Publishers Paperback)) Seymour Simon

ISBN-13 9780060546380

March 16, 2004
Darwin for Beginners Jonathan Miller

ISBN-13 9780679725114

January 3, 1990
Die Luther-Bibel von 1534 Stephan Füssel

ISBN-13 9783836538213

Nov 21, 2017
Devolution and Aging Policy Francis G. Caro

ISBN-13 9780789020819

June 2003
Dawn of the Morning Grace Livingston Hill Lutz

ISBN-13 9780553233612

November 1992
Do Something ! ¿ Are you a Loser ? Dr. John Smith

ISBN-13 9781477644461

Jun 13, 2012
Design Automation for Timing-Driven Layout Synthesis Sachin S. Sapatnekar

ISBN-13 9781461363934 The automation of layout synthesis design under stringent timing specifications is essential for state-of-the-art VLSI circuits and systems design. Especially, the timing-driven layout synthesis with optimal placement and routing of transistors with proper sizing is most critical in view of the chip area, interconnection parasitics, circuit delay and power dissipation. This book presents a systematic and unified view of the layout synthesis problem with a strong focus on CMOS technology. The criticality of RC parasitics in the interconnects and the optimal sizing of both p-channel and n-channel translators are illustrated for motivation. Following the motivation, the problems of modeling circuit delays and translator sizing are formulated and solved with mathematical rigor. Various delay models for CMOS circuits are discussed to account for realistic interconnection parasitics, the effect of transistor sizes, and also the input slew rates. Also many of the efficient transistor sizing algorithms are critically reviewed and the most recent transistor sizing algorithm based on convex programming techniques is introduced. For design automation of the rigorous CMOS layout synthesis, an integrated system that employs a suite of functional modules is introduced for step-by-step illustration of the design optimization process that produces highly compact CMOS layouts that meet user-specified timing and logical netlist requirements. Through most rigorous discussion of the essential design automation process steps and important models and algorithms this book presents a unified systems approach that can be practiced for high-performance CMOS VLSI designs. This book serves as an excellent reference, and can be used as text in advanced courses covering VLSI design, especially for design automation of physical design.

Department of Education oversight, gatekeeping Hearing before the Subcommittee on Human Resources and Intergovernmental Relations of the Committee on ... Congress, second session, June 6, 1996 United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Reform and Oversight. Subcommittee on Human Resources and Intergovernmental Relations.

ISBN-13 9780160556630

Desert Ecstasy Connie Mason

ISBN-13 9780843941951

Das Jetzt im Strom der Zeit Von den sechs Daseinszuständen im Buddhismus Chögyam Trungpa

ISBN-13 9783426292396

Mar 02, 2015
Do Re Mi If You Can Read Music, Thank Guido DArezzo Susan L. Roth

ISBN-13 9780618465729

January 8, 2007
Developments and problems of seaborne container transport, 1970; Report by the Maritime Transport Committee Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Maritime Transport Committee.

ISBN-13 9780119204308

Daddys Girl Daughters of Destiny collection Kari St John

ISBN-13 9780595267477

February 9, 2003
Digest of Countryside Recreation Statistics Great Britain. Countryside Commission.

ISBN-13 9780902590243

May 1975
Daniel Boone & Wilderness Road Andy Chambers

ISBN-13 9780816748884

September 1, 1998
Die Bibel für Ungläubige Guus Kuijer

ISBN-13 9783888979729

Oct 08, 2014
Damned Utd a novel David Peace

ISBN-13 9781612193700

Droughts (Natural Disasters) Anne Ylvisaker

ISBN-13 9780736849111

August 2000
Dolphins Around the World (Kalman, Bobbie, Dolphin Worlds.) Bobbie Kalman

ISBN-13 9780778711629

December 2002
Do Bears Buzz A Book About Animal Sounds (Animals All Around) Michael Dahl

ISBN-13 9781404801004

September 2003
Die Verwandlung / Brief an den Vater Textausgabe Franz Kafka

ISBN-13 9783507697621

Feb 01, 2015
Die heilende Kraft menschlicher Spannungen Helmut Schlegel

ISBN-13 9783429037499

Sep 01, 2014
Die neue Welt der Gene Visionen, Rätsel, Grenzen Joachim Bublath

ISBN-13 9783426273043

Dictionary of Religions, The Penguin John R. Hinnells

ISBN-13 9780140511062

August 7, 1984
Dobermans An Owners Companion Mark Ladd

ISBN-13 9780876051146

March 1991
Data Communications And Networking (2nd Edition) Forouzan

ISBN-13 9780071181600

Apr 12, 2001
Delmars Intermediate Care Nursing Skills Valerie, Ph.D. Coxon

ISBN-13 9780766881815

January 2005
Doc Jones A Small Town Physician s Story

ISBN-13 9780595262892

January 2003
Domestic Service and Gender, 1660-1750 Timothy Meldrum

ISBN-13 9780582312081

September 2000
Daily Reading Comprehension, Grade 2 Evan Moor

ISBN-13 9781629384757

Jan 01, 2018
Doing Data Analysis with MINITAB 14 Robert H. Carver

ISBN-13 9780534420840

August 1, 2003
Discovering Mission Santa Clara de Asis Sofia Nuñes

ISBN-13 9781627130677 Describes the arrival of the Spanish in early California, their impact on the native inhabitants, the founding and construction of the Santa Clara de Asis mission, and more. Includes a craft project.This book describes the arrival of the Spanish in early California, their impact on the native inhabitants, the founding and construction of Mission Santa Clara de Asís, and more.

Day Break Laurel Sobol

ISBN-13 9781984244062

Jan 26, 2018
Disaster Stress Studies New Methods and Findings (Clinical Insights) James H. Shore

ISBN-13 9780880481335

September 1986
Die Entscheidung liegt bei Dir! Reinhard K. Sprenger

ISBN-13 9783593374420

Feb 27, 2004
Dragonflies and damselflies of South Africa Michael J. Samways

ISBN-13 9781435640795

Darc a novel from the war with no name Robert Repino

ISBN-13 9781616956868 The startling saga of Mort(e) continues. In the aftermath of the War With No Name, the Colony has been defeated, its queen lies dead, and the world left behind will never be the same. In her madness, the queen used a strange technology to uplift the surface animals, turning dogs and cats, bats and bears, pigs and wolves into intelligent, highly evolved creatures who rise up and kill their oppressors. And now, after years of bloodshed, these sentient beasts must learn to live alongside their sworn enemies--humans. Far removed from this newly emerging civilization, a housecat turned war hero named Mort(e) lives a quiet life with the love he thought he had lost, a dog named Sheba. But before long, the chaos that they escaped comes crashing in around them. An unstoppable monster terrorizes a nearby settlement of beavers. A serial killer runs amok in the holy city of Hosanna. An apocalyptic cult threatens the fragile peace. And a mysterious race of amphibious creatures rises from the seas, intent on fulfilling the Colonys destiny and ridding the earth of all humans. No longer able to run away, Sheba and Mort(e) rush headlong into the conflict, ready to fight but unprepared for a world that seems hell-bent on tearing them apart. In the twilight of all life on earth, love survives, but at a cost that only the desperate and the reckless are willing to pay--

Data Access in the ASP.NET 2.0 Framework (Video LiveLessons) Stephen Walther

ISBN-13 9780672329524

October 1, 2007
Discrete Spectral Synthesis and Its Applications László Székelyhidi

ISBN-13 9781402046360

December 22, 2006
Dialogue With Trypho (Selections from the Fathers of the Church) Justin Martyr, Saint

ISBN-13 9780813213422

July 2003
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde R. L. Stevenson

ISBN-13 9780008259112

Jan 23, 2018
Dont Quit Your Day Job An Educators Guide to Student Engagement Aaron Daffern

ISBN-13 9780999024133

Feb 20, 2018
Doctor Strange by Donny Cates Vol. 1 God of Magic Donny Cates

ISBN-13 9781302910648

Jul 03, 2018
Daniel Boone The Life and Legend of an American Pioneer (An Owl Book) John Mack Faragher

ISBN-13 9780805030075

November 15, 1993
Dead Birds Fall from the Sky Stephan Cox

ISBN-13 9781935961635

Aug 21, 2012
Die Gräber von Atuan fantasy-roman Ursula K. Le Guin

ISBN-13 9783453305953

Dr. Susan Loves Breast Book Susan M. Love

ISBN-13 9782280034173

Sep 20, 2000
Durchstarten mit Scala Heiko Seeberger

ISBN-13 9783868020649

Dream Detective Sax Rohmer

ISBN-13 9780891908104

June 1940
Days With Lenin Maksim Gorky

ISBN-13 9781410211965

March 9, 2004
David Meyer, F. B.

ISBN-13 9780875083421

June 1970
Director of Industrial Development National Learning Corporation

ISBN-13 9780837328577

October 2005
Dough knights and dragons Dee Leone

ISBN-13 9781454921417 In Dough Knights and Dragons, a curious knight and an amiable dragon meet serendipitously, and instantly bond over their shared love of baking.

DB2 Version 8 The Official Guide Paul C. Zikopoulos

ISBN-13 9780131401587

September 19, 2003
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